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Repair of common problems of semi-automatic edge banding machine
Repair of common problems of semi-automatic edge banding machine 1. Problems in the press part cause the trimming and polishing equipment to work abnormally. If the plate pressure is not tight.
Picking the edge banding machine in addition to the raw materials and styles
When selecting the edge banding machine, in addition to looking at the raw materials and styles, we must also look at the scale. Generally, the scale of the edge banding machine is regular.
How to overcome the situation that the edge banding machine is afraid of cold
Overcoming the shortcomings of the edge-sealing machine in the use of "fear of cold" mainly depends on the ambient temperature of the forward-sealing operation, and the selection of the edge-sealing
What are the specific requirements for using a fully automatic edge banding machine?
When carrying out production operations in each factory, the most important thing is to emphasize the importance of safety. Therefore, it is necessary to understand his operating procedures and...
Detailed interpretation of the production process of automatic edge banding machine
In the process of edge sealing of fully automatic edge banding machine, if the thickness of the edge banding of 0.6mm or less is soft, stretched, deformed and cannot withstand high temperature.
Many models of edge banding machines are waiting for you to choose
Proud Machinery is one of the woodworking machinery enterprises in Shandong Province. The types and models of edge banding machines produced by the company include: automatic edge banding machine
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