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According to the processing function woodworking machinery can be divided into:

According to the processing function woodworking machinery can be divided into:

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2019/01/27 17:36

According to the processing function woodworking machinery can be divided into:
Sawing: The main equipments are: circular saws,also called windmill saws, belt saws, single-piece longitudinal saws, multi-blade saws, push table saws, cutting saws, double-head saws, etc.
Rotary cutting: The main equipments are: card rotary cutting machine, cardless rotary cutting machine, wood peeling machine, etc.
Lathe: There are ordinary lathes,  copying lathes, backing lathes, CNC lathes, etc.
Planer: ordinary planer, inclined plane planer, automatic planer, etc.
Milling machine: vertical shaft milling, vertical router, hanging machine, pneumatic lifting machine, trimming machine, double-head milling, combing machine, opening machine, CNC engraving machine, etc.
Sanding: There are ordinary belt machine, vertical belt belt machine, shock belt belt machine, sand edge machine, sanding machine, heavy sanding machine, primer sanding machine, overhead sanding machine, profile sanding machine, gas Drum sand, thousand impeller sand, sponge wheel sand, disc sander, push sander, etc.
Drilling: vertical bench drill, horizontal bench drill, vertical row drill, horizontal row drill, vertical bore drill, single row drill, multi row drill, hinge drill, etc.
Pressure gluing: there are cold presses, hot presses, pneumatic assembly machines, electric assembly machines, hydraulic assembly machines, extension machines, jigsaw machines, glue coating machines, etc.
Surface treatment: there are sticker machine, edge banding machine, heat transfer machine, vacuum laminating machine, etc.
Paint coating: primer sanding machine, spraying machine, electrostatic spraying machine, roller coating machine, UV dryer, curtain curtain machine, dust removal machine, belt line, paint box, etc.
Wood treatment: there are wood baking machine, wood adjusting humidity machine, filling machine, wood moisture meter, etc.

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