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Dedicated small woodworking dust-free panel saw for home decoration

A dust-free mother push table saw suitable for home decoration industry
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Clean child mother saw A dust-free child mother push table saw suitable for home decoration industry, with compact structure, independent switch, folding and stretching, easy to carry. Aluminum alloy flip board, fast upgrade, oblique cut 45 degrees, adjustable saw blade can be fine tuning, environmental protection (dust absorption effect can reach more than 95%) and other advantages.1. The inner liner of professional dust collection textile cloth has velvet, good adsorption, good sealing and good capacity to prevent dust. 2. All aluminum dust suction fan long service life, strong suction after retail.3. Special-purpose industrial grade saw blade super alloy, light and durable big saw blade 8 inches, left and right alternating teeth, thickness 2.6 small saw blade 4 inches T tooth, cutting plate speed without edge collapse, quality is guaranteed.4. Adopt high-power chintai brand switch, zero fault. Long service life. 5. Plum blossom adjusting handle, convenient and easy to use, high locking degree.Main technical parameters of child and mother saw saw head: Voltage: 220V Vacuum Motor Power: 1.2KW Large saw power: 2.6KW Small saw power: 1.6KW Saw speed: 13000/4500 saw blade size: 8 inches +4 inches Child mother saw saw table parameters 4mm electric board sawing table +18mm multi-layer folding sawing table child saw Angle: 40*40mm square tube structure There are gong machine and curve saw reserved mouth 1.5 meters long by foot * 12 meters long slide rail *1 foot height adjustable

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